Stake on EV, Chinese Automobile Companies Steps into New Energy

With new energy automobile products subsidy standard announcement published by Ministry of Finance, many Chinese automobile companies step into new energy automobile segment supply chain competition. No matter overseas merge and acquisition or found joint venture, companies find their way to cut into new energy automobile segment and take advantages by different paths.

At present, Beijing Automobile has signed contact with Atieva, a U.S new energy company, about share purchase agreement. It plans to purchase Atieva 25% shares. Beijing Group says the purchase aims to improve new energy automobile particularly pure electronic segment design, research and manufacture level of Beijing Automobile.


Before, Wanxiang Group has spent 200 million dollars to merge A123 battery company in 2013. Recently, the company wins Fisker bid which bid 149 million dollars to beat its opponents. The company new has its certification and ability to produce new energy cars.

Meanwhile, SAIC, JAC and Chery etc. choose to cooperate with global famous electronic automobile accessories providers to develop battery technology. BYD, which already focuses on new energy automobile development for years, has adopted to cooperate with Daimler to develop high-end electronic car segment development, which definitely becomes a powerful competitor for others.

As it known, Chinese new energy automobile segment has developed for years, but still has not own core technology yet. Marjory automobile companies of China own their battery, engine and electronic control core technology already, but pure electronic car area advantage still do not that obvious. Besides, part of their battery and electronic control mode are outsourced. Therefore , it is hard for them to own core competition.

Sept last year, Beijing Automobile has found the first battery joint venture "BESK". Beijing Automobile president XU Heyi takes the first president of the joint venture. Beijing Automobile electronic car driving range may largely improved by new battery researched and developed by BESK.

However, XU Heyi says the pure electronic automobile segment faces stiff competition as well. It is fatal to own core technology to face competition. Beijing Automobile makes "234 strategy" for fulfill the dream. Pure electronic car driving range shall be improved to 200 miles in 2014, 300 miles in 2015 and up to 400 miles in 2016. It will make up Beijing Automobile pure electronic car segment competency, and promote Beijing Automobile to merge a company with its own core technology of pure electronic automobile battery.


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