BYD to launch electric buses with Coobus and Consorcio

  In ceremonies that were a part of Colombia’s Green Public Transportation Initiative recently, Coobus and BYD Company Ltd signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for 260, 12-meter battery-electric buses and a second Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between Consorcio Express and BYD to promote 18-meter pure-electric bus in Colombia, reported

  In attendance at ceremonies were Bogota’s General Secretary Susana Muhamad, BYD Motor’s President Stella Li, Coobus General Manager Mario Alvarez, Consorcio Express General Manager Andres Jaramillo, and several high-level Chinese Government officials including Chinese Ambassador Wang Xiaoyuan and Communist Party Secretary Wang Rong.

BYD to launch zero-emissions electric buses in conjunction with Coobus and Consorcio

  BYD Motor’s President Stella Li stated, ”It’s a great honor for BYD to be part of Bogota’s new energy bus projects. We are the only electric bus than can run all day in city routes without being charged, unlike other electric bus competitors. BYD believes that this new energy bus project is an important partnership between the governments of Bogota and Shenzhen, and we hope to begin accumulating many zero-emission kilometers in Colombia soon.” Coobus General Manager Mario Alvarez highlighted the significance of the zero-emissions BYD bus in his speech at the ceremony stating, ”Operating electric buses is not only to initialize and support new technologies, but also to show our respect to the city and urban residents with our social and environmental responsibility. According to a report from the World Bank in 2012, the economic loss caused by air pollution in Colombia was over 570 million pesos (local currency) every year.”

  Andres Jaramillo, General Manager of Consorcio Express said, ”Express will jointly work with BYD to promote pure-electric articulated buses, and the city of Bogota will become the world's first city that will operate the 18-meter electric bus.” Deputy Minister of the Department of the Environment and Sustainability, Dr. Adriana Soto Carreño, offered in a previous release, ”We hope other cities would also introduce pure-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles into their public transportation to reduce particulate matter and pollution in the air and improve public health for the whole nation.”

  MOUs were made possible based on several third party pilots and evaluations of BYD electric buses in Latin America. These authoritative third parties included The Sistemas Sustentables, CCI and ISSRC – all these groups have released positive evaluation reports showing consistently that the BYD electric buses performed as specified. According to Sistemas Sustentables report, the BYD Andino 12’s average efficiency performance in route with passengers was 1.13 km/ kWh (0.88 kWh/ Km equivalent to 1.41 kWh/ mile) – a benchmark in the electric bus industry. In terms of passenger perceived noise and city noise evaluation, the average (id,content)VALUES obtained were considerably below Colombian standards, 61.44 dB and 66.87dB (the maximum standard in Colombia is 80 dBA). When the bus was stopped, no noise is generated since eBus electric-motors are static (i.e. it does not make noise while idling like a traditional diesel bus internal combustion engines). In October 2012 Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) and InterAmerican Development Bank (IABD) conducted the C40 Hybrid & Electric Bus Test Program in Colombia and reported BYD Electric buses had best fuel efficiencies ever recorded for a 40-foot bus.

  Coobus is a comprehensive public transportation operator in Bogota, Colombia and Consorcio Express is a service provider for the public passenger transport industry.


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