New Energy Automobiles Sales May Double This Year

  Industry has no doubt about new energy automobiles sales rapid growth this year. YE Shengji, vice president of Automobile Industry Association of China, told media at the 4th Global New Energy Automobile Forum holding at Haikou Chinese new energy automobiles sales are expected to 60 to 80 thousand this year, which is 3 to 4 times than sales of 2013.

  Yesterday, YE Shengji told reporter, Chinese automobiles production and sales reach 23 million in 2013, which includes 17 thousand new energy cars such as hybrid power. ”Policy will be implemented as soon as possible this year. With local monopoly broken up, Chinese new energy car sales will reach 60 to 80 thousand. Passenger car shall reach 30 thousand. The figure is 3 to 4 times than 2013.”

  The biggest impetus comes from government. In midmonth of Sept 2013, new round new energy subsidy push new energy car sales walk forward to 500 thousand. According to former president of JAC ZUO Yanan’s introduction, new subsidy is more scientific. ”It issues subsidy to automobile company’sdirectory instead of local finical dept., which makes automobile company more active.”

  Some insider told reporter, at present, electronic car segment is still a subsidy support market. It is limited by policy influence. Sales of 2013 were not good enough, which is because financial subsidy was stopped. However, sales will hot again with subsidycome back in 2014.

  However, some people points out that 2014 will be just a start of new energy car sales. 2016 and 2017 may be the burst period of new energy automobile segment. In other words, the segment will enter rapid development until 2016.

  As for market development, FU Yi, vice general manager of Putian New Energy Co., Ltd. told media that it must take new energysegment as an industry, if make new energy segment scale development. According to his introduction, AC charge spots and piles shall go ahead. His company invests into 1.3 million Yuan into pile and spot building in Shenzhen already. In the future, CNPC andSinopec will invest into AC charge facility development.


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